Access blocked sites using Ultra Surf

Posted by AH on 3:42 AM

There are a number of proxy softwares available on the net. But they are lacking in some way or the other. The best proxy I’ve used so far is Ultra Surf. This is by far the best proxy software ever made..

It can be used for everything..visiting blocked websites, using IMs and for downloading files.

When UltraSurf 8 is started, the IE browser will open the home page of UltraReach web portal. A user can also open IE to browse any website. As long as UltraSurf 8 is opened, the newly opened IE browsers are under the UltraSurf protection with high encryption, even though the website may not be the content from UltraReach homepage. User can simply click “Exit” on the UltraSurf8’s interface to end the UltraSurf program, then IE browser is no longer under UltraSurf protection at this point.
Again, we do want to remind UltraSurf users that after you exit UltraSurf8, your IE browse activities are no longer under the protection of UltraSurf. Please do not browse any censored sites at this point, or you may run into the danger of being detected by the network monitor software applied by Internet police.
Currently UltraSurf 8 only supports Microsoft IE and several other Microsoft based browsers. It does not support the browsers such as Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, etc. However, if users are able to set proxy address manually in those browsers to, or enter the setting according to the portal number shown on the user interface, they will be able to surf Internet with those browsers under the protection of UltraSurf.

Download the UltraSurf 8 Client Software at
Download the UltraSurf 8 User Guide in English at

Visiting blocked websites

Just start UltraSurf…enter the proxy address of your network. If you don’t know the proxy settings of your network click automatic proxy detection and press ok.

An IE page should open up with a funny looking website. Now you have the whole internet at your disposal. You can visit any banned site you want as long as you have UltraSurf running.

Using Instant Messengers

Most IMs use the proxy used by IE. But you can manually select the proxy also. For using UltraSurf with IMs just go to the setting of the IM and enter the proxy host as and the proxy port as 9666.

Note: UltraSurf should be running for the IMs to work by using this proxy.

Downloading Content

You wont encounter any problems in downloading while using UltraSurf. You can download everything while you are using UltraSurf. Moreover you can also use download managers with Ultra Surf. The ones I have tried is Flash Get and Free Download Manager. To use these with Ultra Surf you have to enter the proxy host as and the proxy port as 9666 in the settings area of the download managers.


Comment by Question Me An Answer on December 29, 2008 at 7:59 AM

Unfortunately, several sites that I want to visit are not accessible with Ultrasurf. Instead of the site, I get redirected to an advertising page.


"The requested URL is not supported"

Comment by FTIR Spec on January 13, 2009 at 11:14 PM

This same thing is happening to me on Facebook, MySpace, and anything I try to post on forums. WTF?